Thimble Noise | Existensiell Tremor

Schhh… releases 2 albums digitally December 27, 2012
in collaboration with Firework Edition Records!
Schhh production presents Existentiell Tremor by Lise-Lotte Norelius and Thimble Noise by Ann Rosén

Schhh is a new label promoting unique sound art and music!
Schhh production promotes artists that take an extra step wether they are refining their work or they challenge boundaries and explore uncharted territories.
The new albums will be available at Itunes, Spotify, Amazon a.o.


SE3JQ12004 / FER 1097

The plan was to compose ZO-2 variations for the open second movement in Zonula Occludens a project were i explore different listening situations.
In the process they grew into pieces in their own right and could preferably be listened to in headphones.
Zonula Occludens or tight junctions are the closely associated areas of two cells whose membranes join together forming a virtually impermeable barrier…
The connection that holds the different pieces together is the noise.
All tracks are composed, recorded, generated, processed and mixed at Schhh studio, VICC and EMS by Ann Rosén.
Mastering: Sten-Olof Hellström.
Artwork: Ann Rosén.


SE3JQ12005 / FER 1106

Live-electronic works for alarm clocks, vibrators, piezo oscillation, thermos, babusjka doll and other stuff, processed with max/msp and various effect boxes.
All tracks are composed, performed, edited and mixed by LLN.
Mastering: Kai Sandström.
Portrait photo and editing: Per Jalkman.
Motor photos: LLN.
Cover design: Sten Backman & LLN.
Thanks to VICC (Visby International Centre for Composers) and EMS

For review copys contact: Firework Edition Records,
Sigfridsvägen 6, 126 50 Hägersten, Sweden